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Tradescantia deserves more attention from gardeners, in fact no shade garden should be without it.               view my shopping cart

Classic Perennials at Gorge Top: Tradescantia

Tradescantia - SpiderwortThis beautiful perennials is a North American native. Plants grow in clumps with long grass-like leaves that bear vibrant purple, pink or white flowers. Each flower only last for one day but a cluster of buds ensures that there is a succession of bloom from late May right up through August.   Plants range in heights from 12 inches to 2 feet depending upon variety. A very nice selection for the woodland garden as it thrives under trees where very few blooming plants will grow. 

Spiderwort can be grown in either full sun or shade but seems to perform better and bloom longer if given some shelter form the hot afternoon sun.  Plants prefer a rich, moist soil that has been heavily amended with organic materials. Feed in early spring with a top dressing of composted manure and bone meal.  Feed lightly in the summer with fish emulsion - to much feeding can result in lush foliage growth at the expense of flowering.   If plants do become leggy cut them back and a new flush of growth will quickly reappear. Water plants well during hot dry spells. 


Zones: 3 - 9
Propagation: seed and division
Problems: none known
Notes:  Plants often begin to fade as soon as they are finished flowering - trim the foliage all the way to the ground as soon as the foliage starts to turn yellow.




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Our Tradescantia varieties:
speaker.gif (984 bytes) (tra-des-kant' ee-a)

0tradescantia-bluegold.jpg (5455 bytes)
T. Blue and Gold

0tradescantia-concordgrape.jpg (4539 bytes)
T. Concord Grape

0tradescantia-snowcap.jpg (3914 bytes)
T. Snowcap




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