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Salvia is a very large genus of annuals, biennials and hardy perennials - our offerings include only perennials.    view my shopping cart

Classic Perennials at Gorge Top Gardens: Salvia

Perennial Salvia - pictured here - 'Purple Rain'This group of perennials is one of the best selections for areas that have hot, dry summers. Salvia shrugs off the heat and continues to produce wonderful, upright sprays of flowers.   Flower colors range from purple, pink and white. Salvia is a very valuable flower in the garden for it provides fall color, a time when most perennials are past their prime.  Our selection of perennial Salvias are all easy to grow and once established require minimal attention.   (pictured above - Salvia 'Purple Rain')


Plants require full sun and a well drained soil - Salvia will rot if planted in soggy soil. Plants are considered to be drought tolerant, however we do not advise that you let them suffer through long periods of dry weather.  Give them plenty of water during dry spells for better looking plants and heavier flowering.  Soil should be amended well with compost and peat moss.  Feed in early spring with a top dressing of composted manure and bone meal (poultry manure is best if available). Feed two more times during the summer with liquid fish emulsion. Salvia plants benefit from light pruning and deadheading after each flush of flowering. 

leaf-ico-white.gif (981 bytes)Salvia

Zones: 3-8
Propagation: stem cuttings and division
Problems: if not given enough sun the plants will suffer
Notes:  For best results and prolonged flowering deadhead spent flowers and provide adequate water during dry spells




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Our Salvia varieties:
speaker.gif (984 bytes) (sal' vee-a)

0salvia-caradonna.jpg (5844 bytes)
Salvia 'Caradonna'

0Salvia-Marcus.jpg (4950 bytes)
Salvia 'Marcus'

0Salvia-MayNight2.jpg (5113 bytes)
Salvia 'May Night'

0salvia-purplerain.jpg (6137 bytes)
Salvia 'Purple Rain'

0salvia-snowhill.jpg (5357 bytes)
Salvia 'Snow Hill'




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