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Light pink phlox - Bright EyesThis garden phlox has been a customer favorite here at the nursery for years. Bright Eyes is planted in one of our largest display beds and always draws the attention of passers by.  The very large flower heads are pale pink with a very prominent hot-pink eye-zone. A very relible and long blooming variety - Bright Eyes begins blooming in late spring and stays in color right up until the cool weather of fall sets in.  The butterflies have to share this Phlox with the humming birds - both are attracted to the very fragrant blossoms.  Bright Eyes has demonstrated very good resistance to powdery mildew for us and our customers have reported the same findings.

Phlox 'Bright Eyes'

Plant in full sun and provide a rich well drained soil. Fertilize in early spring with a top dressing of compost and bone meal.  Liquid feed with compost tea or fish emulsion just as buds begin to form in midsummer.  Remove spent flower heads to prolong flowering.  Keep plants well watered during hot dry spells. 

Culture Guide
: 4 - 9
Blooms: Jul-Sep
Height: 30" - 40"
Light: full sun
Soil: rich well drained
Spacing: 18"
Size Shipped: 4.5" pot

Culture Guide Explained

leaf-ico-white.gif (981 bytes)Additional Photos of Phlox 'Bright Eyes' :

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All orders ship for a flat rate of $10.75

Item:  Phlox 'Bright Eyes'
In Stock:  Yes
Size Shipped:  4.5" pot
Price:  $7.99
SALE:   $3.99

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