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Peonies are by far one of the most beloved garden perennials of all times, treasured for their long lived beauty.             view my shopping cart


white and pink peony plants Peonies are considered classic garden plants, beatiful to look at and very fragrant.  Most of us can remember our grandmothers growing these delightful perennials so they automatically add a bit of nostalgia and charm to the landscape. The popularity of Peonies has exploded in the past few years as new gardeners are rediscovering the exquisite blossoms and lush foliage these old time garden favorites have to offer. Plants are easy to grow and are one of the longest lived perennials in the garden - often out living the person who planted them.

leaf-ico-white.gif (981 bytes)Growing Peonies:

Peonies will grow in any decent garden soil but for great looking plants amend your soil with plenty of organic matter such as peat moss and compost.  Peonies should be planted in full sun to very light shade and should be planted in a permanent location as plants despise being moved.  Newly planted Peony roots will spend their first year establishing themselves and will not flower. One common mistake made by new gardeners is planting the root to deep. When planting Peony roots the eyes (soft tips that will become new growth) should be planted no more than 1 1/2  - 2 inches below the soil level.    Feed plants lightly in the spring with top dressing of bone meal.  Be careful when feeding plants - if you over fertilize Peonies they often fail to flower. For  more details on growing these wonderful plants see our guide to Peony care.

Zones: 3-8
Propagation:  division
Problems: none known
Notes:  You may notice that Peony buds are often covered with ants - don't run for the Raid - It is believed that Peonies produce a small amount of nectar that encourages the ants to help open the dense flower buds.




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Our Peony varieties:
speaker.gif (984 bytes) (pee-oh' nee)

0peony-duchess.jpg (3627 bytes)
'Duchess de Nemours'

0peony-festivamaxima.jpg (3833 bytes)
'Festiva Maxima'

0peony-kansas.jpg (4596 bytes)

0peony-karlrosenfield.jpg (3686 bytes)
'Karl Rosenfield'

0peony-sarahbernhardt.jpg (4542 bytes)
'Sarah Bernhardt'

0peony-bowlofbeauty.jpg (5603 bytes)
'Bowl of Beauty'




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