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Liriope is native to Asia and is an excellent landscape plant.                                                                     view my shopping cart

Classic Perennials at Gorge Top Gardens: Liriope

liriope.jpg (34166 bytes)This very versatile landscape plant is also known as lilyturf. Liriope is a perennial with grass-like leaves that has grape hyacinth like flower spikes and small dark purple, almost black, berries that follow the blooms. It is often used as a ground cover or as an edging plants and is very popular with landscape designers.  Liriope plants are evergreen in milder climates and are clump forming growing to only around a foot tall.  They are very tough plants and once established have a very long life span. 

Liriope will grow in sun or shade but will flower best in full sun. Plants are not picky about soil types but for best results provide a rich, well drained soil that has been enriched with plenty of organic materials such as humus, composted manures and peat moss. Plants should be feed in early spring with a side dressing of composted manure.   In colder climates the foliage may become shaggy over the winter - cut the leaves back to the ground and new ones will grow back.  Very easy to grow!

leaf-ico-white.gif (981 bytes)Liriope

Zones: 6-10
Propagation:  division
Problems: none known
Notes:  Plants are considered to be drought tolerant but to keep them looking their best provide water during extended dry spells.




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Our Liriope varieties:
speaker.gif (984 bytes) (le-rye' o-pee)

0liriope-bigblue.jpg (4332 bytes)
Liriope 'Big Blue'

0liriope-goldband.jpg (5974 bytes)
Liriope 'Gold Band'

0liriope-variegated.jpg (5426 bytes)
Variegated Liriope




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