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Liatris is a North American native plant that is a must have for the butterfly garden.                                    view my shopping cart

Classic Perennials at Gorge Top Gardens: Liatris

Purple Liatris in the gardenIn our humble opinion this wonderful perennial is under used by gardeners. Most people recognize Liatris from the cut flower industry where it is commonly used in flower arrangements.  Liatris is much more than a cut flower - it is a very easy to grow garden plant that is very attractive when grown in the landscape.  They offer a vertical element to the garden that is sometimes hard to achieve.  Not only will Liatris supply a visual boost to your garden, these beautiful plants lure butterflies with their sweet nectar and then provide a feeding ground for small birds who love the seed heads.  Plants are very easy to grow and are considered to be very drought tolerant. 


Plant in full sun or light shade in a well drained average garden soil.  Plants are not fussy at all and only have one real requirement - they do not like constantly wet soils.  Liatris plants grow from corms (similar to small bulbs) and if exposed to constantly wet conditions the corms will rot. 

Zones: 3-9
Propagation: seed and division
Problems: none known
Notes: Liatris should be planted in groups of at least 3




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Our Liatris varieties:
speaker.gif (984 bytes) (lye-at' ris)

0liatris-kobold.jpg (5494 bytes)
Liatris 'Kobold'

0liatris-white.jpg (4588 bytes)
Liatris alba

0liatris-spicata.jpg (5084 bytes)
Liatris spicata




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