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English Lavender Plants - Hidcote A must have plant for anyone who is trying to create the cottage garden look.  Lavender Hidcote is a compact plant growing to a height of only 14 inches, perfect for edging or creating a low growing hedge. Its beautiful blue-green foliage is evergreen and remains attractive throughout the year. The sweet perfumed fragrance of Lavender is strong in both the foliage and the gorgeous deep blue flowers.  Flowers first begin to appear in mid July and continue to appear into the later parts of September.  Hidcote is a very popular variety of Lavender and tends to sell out early in the season.  Order early to avoid disappointment.

leaf-ico-white.gif (981 bytes)Lavender 'Hidcote'

Plant in full sun and provide a decent well drained soil. Fertilize in early spring with a top dressing of compost and bone meal.  Liquid feed twice during the summer with fish emulsion or seaweed extract.  Lavender must be grown in dry soils - it will not tolerate wet feet. To improve your soils drainage add pea gravel or sand.


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All orders ship for a flat rate of $10.75

Item:  Lavender 'Hidcote'
In Stock:  Yes
Size Shipped:  4.5" pot and bare root plants
Price:  $7.99
SALE:   $3.99

|   Culture Guide   |
: 5 - 9
Blooms: Jul-Sep
Height: 14" - 16"
Light: full sun
Soil:  well drained
Spacing: 12"
Size Shipped: 4.5" pot and bare root plants

Culture Guide Explained

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