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Hardy Hibiscus plants are experiencing a new surge of popularity among perennial gardeners.                 view my shopping cart

Hardy perennial hibiscus plants

New 2010Hardy perennial hibiscus is making a strong come back thanks to breeding efforts of some very talented plantsmen.  Who would have guessed that the cousin to okra and cotton could be so stunning.  Often referred to as rose mallow the hardy hibiscus is unlike any other flower in the garden, offering blooms that are both delicate and huge. Flowers range from 3 - 4 inches across to a gigantic 12 inches in diameter. Prominent pistil and stamens are located in the center of each flower adding to their charm. These plants where once limited to flower colors of red, white and pink - Not anymore - breeders have introduced a brand new palette of colors: hot pink, mauve, rose, plum and bicolors.  Their gorgeous flowers start to appear in mid summer and continue up until the first killing frost. These perennials are easy to grow and once established last for years in the garden.  Plants are sun lovers and will not tolerate shade. Give them a good rich soil that has been amended with plenty of organic material.  Hibiscus prefer a damp soil and bloom much better if their water needs are met.  Apply a 3 inch layer of mulch to help keep roots cool and moist.  Until they are well established plants require lots of water and will need your help during prolonged dry spells during late summer.  For stunning foliage color and intense bloom color feed in early spring with a top dressing of composted manure and bone meal. Liquid feed though out the growing season (at least twice per month) with fish emulsion.  For more information follow the links below:

  • Hibiscus Plant Care
  • Planting Hibiscus

    leaf-ico-white.gif (981 bytes)NOTE Perennial hibiscus are always one of the last plants to emerge in spring. Don't give up on them to early, it is not uncommon for plants to wait until late May or even early June before showing signs of growth.

    Growing notes:

    Zones: 4 - 9 ( zone 3 with protection)
    Propagation: seed and cuttings
    Problems: Japanese beetles can be a nuisance
    Notes:  water new plants regularly for the first year, after that you will only have to help them over prolonged dry spells.




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Our varieties:
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Blue River II

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Kopper King

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