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 Digitalis, commonly referred to as Foxgloves, are easy to grow and a garden treasure not to be missed.      view my shopping cart

Classic Perennials at Gorge Top Gardens: Digitalis

Digitalis - FoxglovesFoxgloves are a fine addition to any garden but are a must have plant for the cottage garden. Very few plants can match the colorful spires of foxglove for adding stately drama to the perennial bed or border. Plants adorn themselves with large bell shaped blooms that range in pastel colors of pink, white, yellow and rose. Plant foxgloves wherever you need a spot of "showy" color.   Most forms of Digitalis are actually classified biennials - meaning they spend the first season growing leaves and producing a root system and flower in their second year. The only true perennial form of Digitalis is 'Ambigua'. Even though most foxgloves are classified as biennials they easily self seed and remain in the garden for years. In fact one of the things we love the most about them is their ability to spring up in places through out the garden. Foxgloves begin their colorful show in April and continue blooming into early June. Heights vary with variety and range from 2 feet up to 7 feet.   Foxgloves prefer filtered shade but we have had great success with plants in full sun as long as the plants are properly mulched to help retain moisture. Foxgloves are very undemanding and will grow almost anywhere but for best results amend your soil with plenty of organic matter such as compost and well rotted manure. Fertilze in very early spring with a top dressing of composted manure and bone meal. After the plants have finished flowering remove all but a few stems to set seed. If you have a good stand of plants and leave all the faded flower stalks to go to seed you can very quickly become overwhelmed with foxglove seedlings.


Digitalis ( Foxgloves )

Zones: 4 - 9
Propagation: Seed
Problems: powdery mildew - see notes
Notes: the best way to avoid powdery mildew is to make sure the plants do not get stressed during dry spells. Always provide a good layer of mulch to help the roots stay cool and moist. Avoid placing mulch against the plants crown as this can cause fungus problems and invite disease.


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Our Digitalis varieties:
click to hear (dij-ih-TAL-iss)

0digitalis-camelot.jpg (5347 bytes)
Digitalis 'Camelot'

0digitalis-giant-shirley.jpg (5554 bytes)
Digitalis 'Giant Shirley'

0digitalis-pams-choice.jpg (3662 bytes)
Digitalis 'Pam's Choice'

0digitalis-ambigua.jpg (4762 bytes)
Digitalis 'Ambigua'

0digitalis-mertonensis.jpg (4267 bytes)
Digitalis 'Mertonensis'

0digitalis-alba.jpg (4259 bytes)
Digitalis 'Alba'




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