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White FoxglovesExquisite bright white spikes of tubular flowers towering above deep green foliage. The classic white foxglove is a true old fashioned favorite among perennial gardeners. No cottage style garden should be with out this glorious white Foxglove. Plants produce giant flower stalks ranging form 3 - 4 feet in height and bloom from Late April into June. Plants prefer partial shade but do quiet well in full sun provided some extra mulching and watering from their care givers.  Soil should be amended with a generous amount of compost and well rotted manure. Digitalis 'Alba' seed is collected from isolated plants but some variations in throat colors can be expected see photos below:


Digitalis 'Alba' - White Foxgloves :

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All orders ship for a flat rate of $10.75

Item: Foxglove 'Alba'
Price $7.99
SALE $3.99


|   Culture Guide   |
: 3 - 8
Blooms: Apr - June
Height: 36" - 48"
Light:  Sun / Part Shade
Soil: rich, moist
Spacing: 24"
Size Shipped: pot grown

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