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Clematis vines are considered to be the Queens of the Garden, demanding respect and admiration.                  view my shopping cart


Clematis Vine - JosephineThere are at least 200 species, both deciduous and evergreen, and countless cultivars and hybrids of the beloved Clamtis vine. Plants are marvelous climbers that produce an abundance of gorgeous flowers. The sheer beauty and vigor of this plant attracts the attention of any passer by. The twining stems will cling to any nearby object creating a stunning tower of colorful blooms. The large flowering hybrids are the most popular varieties and come in a wide range of colors, including white, blue, purple, mauve, red, and bicolors. Plants are not considered hard to grow, but we do not want to mislead you into thinking these plants are care-free or fool-proof.  To grow Clematis successfully you will need to learn about the specific care these wonderful vines require. We have compiled several "how to" guides that will help you learn to grow exquisite specimens that will be the envy of your gardening friends.
(photo above - Josephine)


Quick Tips:

growing adviceMany gardeners make the mistake of assuming that Clematis vines are hard to grow and tend to shy away from these beautiful vines. Growing these plants successfully is no more difficult that growing other plants. As long as their needs are met they will thrive in your garden. Plants require at least 6 hours direct sun per day, although some light shade during the middle of the day when the sun is the strongest is appreciated. Flowers of some varieties fade badly if they get too much sun, this is especially true with red and blue large large flowering types so it is best to locate these where they will receive eastern exposure or dappled shade. Don't crowd the plants - allow for plenty of air circulation to prevent disease problems. Amend your soil is rich in organic matter and make sure that it drains well. Plants will need to watered during dry spells, this is especially true during their first year in the gard when the roots are trying to establish themselves. When selecting a spot in the garden for Clematis it is important to remember that the plant's themselves like to be in the sun but their roots like a cool, moist, shaded environment - heads in the sun feet in the shade. Because clematis are climbing vines they will require staking so the twining petioles can cling to something and allow them to climb upwards and show of their wonderful blooms.

Don't be intimidated by these gorgeous plants just provide them with what the proper growing conditions and you will be rewarded each season for your efforts.

More detailed growing tips:


Plants are shipped in two differet sizes depending upon the variety -- 2 year old bareroots and 3.5" pots. Sizes are marked with in the online catalog.








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Want to know even more about Clematis Vines - visit The Ameican Clematis Society




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