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Asters are a classic fall blooming perennial and a must have plant for autumn color in the garden.               view my shopping cart

Classic Perennials at Gorge Top Gardens: Aster

Classic Perennial - AsterLate in the season as summer has taken its toll on the garden, Asters explode with hundreds of colorful daisy-like flowers. Flowering begins in mid August and continues through the frosty nights of October. As the weather cools the colors intensify providing a beautiful finish for the perennial garden.   Asters vary widely in height, ranging from 6 inches to 6 feet.  Our offerings are limited to the shorter varieties of the dumosus and novi-belgii families. These selections are compact and form a cushion-like mound of densely packed foliage that does not require staking.  Plant Asters in full shade for the best results. Plants grown in shade will not be as compact and flowering will be less prolific. Soil should be consistently moist but drain well, and heavily amended with organic matter. Some of the taller varieties need to be pruned back in mid-summer to about 6 inches to keep the plants stocky and healthy. The more compact forms that we offer do not need to pruned to control height.  Remove spent flowers to keep your asters looking neat and tidy. After flowering has finished the Plants will die back to the ground and should not need to be cut back.  Feed in early spring with well rotted manure and then again in 6 weeks with a top dressing of blood and bone meals. Asters are very strong growers and need to be divided every two years. Lift plants in late winter or very early spring to divide.

Zones: 3 - 8
Propagation: division and stem cuttings
Problems: powdery mildew / see notes
Cutting: very nice cut to bring indoors for fall decorating
Notes: Dust plants with sulfur as humidity increases and re-apply  as needed. Try to avoid letting the plants become stressed due to lack of adequate soil moisture as stress increases the vunerability to powdery mildew.






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Our Aster varieties:
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0aster-woods-purple.jpg (5826 bytes)
Aster 'Woods' Purple'

0aster-woods-pink.jpg (16722 bytes)
Aster 'Wood's Pink'

0aster-alert.jpg (5564 bytes)
Aster 'Alert'



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