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Asarum are woodland plants that make beautiful groundcovers in shaded areas.                                    view my shopping cart

Classic Perennials at Gorge Top Gardens: Asarum

Asarum - wild ginger plantsStunning is the best word to describe this group of shade-loving of woodland plants.  Asarum is an attractive, yet little known perennial groundcover native to forest floors of Europe and North America. It thrives in partial shade as well as deep shade making it very useful in the landscape.  The name 'Wild Ginger' comes from the fact that the rhizomes from its eastern North American cousin were once harvested as a ginger substitute.  The beautiful glossy green heart shaped leaves are evergreen allowing the plants to stay attractive throughout the year.   Plants are very low growing, and slow creeping.  Asarum reaches only five to six inches in height with a spread of around 12 - 14 inches. Asarums are tolerant of dry conditions once they establish themselves and work well under shade trees. Combine with other shade loving perennials for a natural looking woodland landscape. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions but will spread much faster in a rich, humusy soil.


>>Asarum is considered by most landscape designers to be the ideal groundcover for shaded areas.


Zones: 4-9
Propagation: spring division
Problems: Slugs can be a problem with freshly planted plants but are no problem in established plantings.
Notes: Do no allow new plants to dry out or suffer through summer dry spells - water regularly until the plant has  established itself. Once established Asarums are very drought tolerant.




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Our Asarum varieties:
speaker.gif (984 bytes) (uh-sah' rum)

0asarum-splendens.jpg (4489 bytes)
Asarum splendens

0asarum-lingling.jpg (5064 bytes)
Asarum Ling Ling




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