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Agastache is a  great plant often used in herb gardens due to its aromatic foliage and flower spikes.               view my shopping cart

Classic Perennials at Gorge Top Gardens: Agastache

agastache.jpg (38526 bytes)This lovely plant is sometimes referred to as Anise Hyssop or Hummingbird Mint. Agastache's aromatic foliage and bottlebrush like flower spikes fill the air with a mint fragrance that is irresistible to both hummers and butterflies.  Plants are very quick to establish themselves in the garden and are wonderful additions to the perennial border.  Agastache shrugs off summers heat and will tolerate dry locations that prove to be difficult for many other perennials.   The gorgeous flower spikes first begin to appear in early summer and continue through mid to late fall.  Plant Agastache in full sun in a rich, well drained, soil and get out of the way -- crowds of hummingbirds and butterflies will be swarming to your garden soon.  Plants are clump forming so they don't spread or take over. Clumps should be divided every 3-4 years and division is best done in late fall or very early spring.  (Learn more about dividing perennials) 


>>Agastache is considered by The Hummingbird Society as one of the Top 10 plants for attracting hummingbirds.


Zones: 5-10
Propagation: seed and division
Problems: if not given enough sun the plant may suffer
Notes:  May need extra winter protection in the colder areas of zone 5.  Add extra layer of mulch or compost in early winter.




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Our Agastache varieties:
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0agastache-bluefortune.jpg (5382 bytes)
Blue Fortune

0agastache-goldenjubilee.jpg (6099 bytes)
Golden Jubilee

0agastache-sunset.jpg (5310 bytes)




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