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Bright yellow blooms Sunny Knockout Rose is a welcomed new color to the famous Knockout Rose family. The bright buttery yellow 3" blooms bring cheer to the garden from spring all they way into autumn, blooming for nearly 5 months. Not only is this rose a flowering power house it is the most fragrant of all the Knockout Roses and will fill the enchanting scent of citrus. Plants are extremely vigorous with healthy shiny green foliage that turns a beautiful shade of burgundy topped with clusters of orangy-red rose hips providing the landscape with winter interest. As with all the roses in this family Sunny Knockout Rose resists pests and disease that are problems with other roses. Plants laugh at blackspot, powdery mildew and even those pesky Japanese Beetles.

Knockout Roses ®

Zones:  4 -9 (mulch heavily in zone 4)
Habit: Compact  3ft x 3ft
Bloom Size:  3 inches
Propagation:  Propagation is prohibited - Patented Plant
Problems:  none known
Notes: while Knockout Roses are considered to be very low maintenance they will bloom much heavier if you feed them at least three times per year with bone meal and liquid feed with fish emulsion once per month during the growing season.

For more details on Knock Out Roses read our guide: Knock Out Rose Care


Size we ship:

One Gallon

Knockout Roses are removed from their pots prior to shipping so you will need to be prepared to plant ASAP.




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Item: Sunny Knockout Rose
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Size Shipped: bareroot | EGP
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