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Hostas are by nature shade plants but many can be grown in full sun.                                                     view my shopping cart

leaf-ico-white.gif (981 bytes)Hostas prefer to be in partial shade but any Hosta can be grown in full sun.  The major drawback to growing them in full sun is they usually will not look as good.  First lets define the term "Full Sun"  - by full sun we mean sun during the very middle of the day.  The part of the day that is hot and uncomfortable.  Morning sun and late afternoon sun are not considered full sun. In fact many hostas will have more intense coloration if located where they can receive morning sun.  There is no such thing as a Hosta that likes full sun - but there are some that tolerate it better than others.  The most important thing to remember when growing these shade loving plants in full sun is keep them well watered.  If you can keep the plants supplied with water then there are a few varieties that do ok in full sun.  Be aware however that if you let them dry out their leaves will begin to burn.  The American Hosta Society considers the following Hostas "Sun Tolerant"

August Moon Fragrant Bouquet
Francee Gold Standard
Honeybells Minute Man
So Sweet Sum and Substance
Sun Power September Sun
Patriot Royal Standard

Please keep in mind that Hostas generally require more water than the rain provides each year.  Hostas are native to Korea, Japan and coastal China - these areas are cooler and wetter than most parts of the US. For beautiful plants you will need to provide additional water during the growing season , even for plants grown in the shade. If you are growing Hostas in full sun you must be willing to water the plants very often.

















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Hosta Selections:

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Blue Hostas

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Gold Edged Hostas

hostas_gold_center.gif (8791 bytes)
Gold Centered Hostas

Hostas_gold.gif (7667 bytes)
Gold Hostas

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Green Hostas

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White Centered Hostas

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White Edged Hostas

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Unique Hostas

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