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Hostas don't have to be expensive to be beautiful.                                                                                   view my shopping cart

The following Hostas are considered to be cheap - but don't let the prices fool you, they are all wonderful plants. These varieties have been on the market long enough that the law of supply and demand has shifted to the gardeners favor.  Remember that a Hosta is a Hosta - just because one variety is more expensive than another does not make it more superior - it is just newer.  Many of the Hostas listed here where at one time considered expensive - others have been on the market for quiet some time and are considered to be a few of the most dependable on the market.

H. Allen P McConnell H. August Moon
H. Crowned Imperial H. Francee
H. Francee H. Gold Standard
H. Halcyon H. Honeybells
H. Krossa Regal H. Royal Standard
H. Wide Brim H. September Sun

leaf-ico-white.gif (981 bytes)ATTENTION >> With our current sale prices many of our Hostas are now priced below $10 --> not just the ones listed above -- take advantage of this special pricing and get some of the newer Hostas for half the price!  Browse our Hosta selection for even more cheap Hosta plants.

















All orders ship for a flat rate of $10.75

Hosta Selections:

Hosta_blues.gif (7344 bytes)
Blue Hostas

hosta_gold_edge.gif (8791 bytes)
Gold Edged Hostas

hostas_gold_center.gif (8791 bytes)
Gold Centered Hostas

Hostas_gold.gif (7667 bytes)
Gold Hostas

hostas_green.gif (7794 bytes)
Green Hostas

hosta_white_center.gif (9066 bytes)
White Centered Hostas

hosta_White_edge.gif (9033 bytes)
White Edged Hostas

Hosta_unique.gif (7957 bytes)
Unique Hostas

leaf-ico-grey.gif (1020 bytes)Sorted List:

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