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New Coneflower Colors - $7.50 ea

New Echinacea ColorsSave big on these exciting new Echinacea varieties. We are now offering our wholesale echinancea plug inventory to our customers. These are the same plugs used by commercial growers to produce 1 quart and 1 gallon perennials. Why pay up to $18.00 for theses new plants when you can get the same plant for $7.50

'Maui Sunshine' - $7.50
Sweetly scented large bright yellow flowers - very heavy bloomer.

'Tomato Soup' - $7.50
Huge tomato red blooms measuring 6 inches across.

'Tiki Torch' - $7.50
This is the darkest orange coneflower available with 4.5 inch wide blooms

'Pink Poodle' - $7.50
A very unique form of echinacea with large, fluffy 4 inch wide flowers. Plants are very vigorous with strong well branched stems. Going Fast

knockout rose saleKnockout Roses Half Price: Price: $19.99 - Now $9.99
Save 50% on one of the most popular rose plants in the gardening world. Varieties available: Red Knockout, Blushing, Double, Sunny, and Rainbow. For the best results it's best to get roses planted as soon as the soil becomes workable in early spring. Planting early will allow the roots to establish themselves before the summer heat arrives. We suggest that you get plants in the ground at least 2 weeks before the expected last frost date.

Size Knockout Rose plants we ship:

EGP Growing Process Plants are grown using a new patented method called "The Etera Growing Process" or EGP. The process involves growing the plants in the ground using a bottomless pot. This allows unrestricted root development which allows the plants roots to dive deep into the ground while being easy to harvest from the growing fields for shipping
Deep roots
Potted Rose

Fool proof perennials: NOW HALF PRICE!



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  • Full sun

  • Shade Loving

  • Attract butterflies and hummingbirds

  • Heat and drought tolerant

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    Perennial Gardening Primer:

    Simply put a perennial is a plant that comes back each year. It does not get killed by freezing weather. The plants root system goes dormant in the winter and then explodes back into growth each spring. Most perennials have a bloom season.  Some plants will flower their best in early spring while others put on their best showing in late summer.  It is important to know the bloom season of each plant so that you can design your garden to have color constantly coming into bloom with each season. As you browse our catalog and design your gardens pay close attention to the blooming season listed for each plant. Also note the growing requirements of each variety. Our catalog gives detailed information on the ideal growing conditions for all the perennials we sale. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us and we will be more than happy to help out.

    Of all the advice we offer in our catalog, the biggest secret to success is proper soil preparation. We can not stress this point strong enough. Most of us are not blessed with a yard full of rich organic soil. Take the time to improve your soil before planting and your extra efforts will be rewarded with lush, healthy flowers that will reward you with colorful blooms year after year. For information on improving your soil see the links below.

    Suggested reading:

    Planting Tips Guide to getting your garden off to a good start

    Building Soils Tips for getting your soil right before planting

    Organic Gardening Work with nature not against her

Recent blog articles from The Practiced Perennial Gardener

All orders ship for a flat rate of $10.75

New Selections:

NEW Hibiscus 'Party Favor'
Price: $14.99
SALE: $7.49

Banana Cream Daisy
NEW Shasta Daisy 'Banana Cream'
Price: $11.99
SALE: $5.99

Heuchera Georgia Peach
NEW Heuchera Georgia Peach'
Price: $17.99
SALE: $8.99

Monarda Pink Lace
NEW Monarda 'Pink Lace'
Price: $11.99
SALE: $5.99

Hibiscus 'Cranberry Crush'
NEW Hibiscus 'Cranberry Crush'
Price: $14.99
SALE: $7.49


Best Sellers:

Japanese Painted Fern
Fern 'Japanese Painted'
SALE: $4.99

clematis henryi
Clematis Henryi'
Price: $12.99
SALE: $6.50

Poppy Victoria Louise
Poppy 'Victoria Louise'
Price: $7.99
SALE: $3.99

Phlox David
Phlox 'David'
Price: $7.99
SALE: $3.99

Heucherella 'Stoplight'
Price: $13.99
SALE: $6.99

Gaillardia Fanfare
Gaillardia 'Fanfare'

Price: $9.99
SALE: $4.98

Hosta Sum and Substance
Hosta 'Sum and Substance'
Price: $11.99
SALE: $5.99

Ostrich Fern
Cinnamon Fern
Price: $8.99
SALE: $4.49

Peony Kansas
Peony 'Kansas'
Price: $14.99
SALE: $7.50


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